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Pobiedna palace    
Świeradów - Zdrój 

Pobiedna, Dworcowa 10 street, Leśna commune,

Lubań county

for sale

• 3.8 h plot area • 2,736 m2 usable area of palace


GERSDORF PALACE formerly: Schloss Meffersdorf

The property is a palace and park complex, which includes a palace building with farm buildings, an English park and a French-style garden. The palace was built by Adolf Traugott von Gersdorf in 1767. He erected an impressive building in place of the old manor house from 1660. The author of the project was Konrad Gotthelf Rothe. The residence was given a late-baroque character with elements of classicism.

After the last war, the palace housed the State Educational Institution, the Disabled Cooperative "Przyjaźń" in Lubań (1973), later it belonged to the City and Commune Office in Leśna, and in the early 21st century it became the property of Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane Alfa Dach Sp. z o. o. in Wrocław .

Currently, the facility is protected against unfavorable weather conditions, the structural elements are in good condition after partial replacement, stiffening and strengthening of the roof truss structure. Windows secured with boards and shutters, on upper floors with foil. Existing historic tiled stove covered. The facility is supervised and the greenery is regularly maintained.

Palace complex from the 18th century
Object: palace, reg. no.: 120/1495 of January 25, 1966
Park: park (garden pavilions, belvedere), reg. no.: 121/684/J of 12/06/1981

Valid building permit No. 202/07 of August 14, 2007, consisting in the renovation and reconstruction of the palace
for a hotel and restaurant building (20 rooms for 60 guests, restaurant for 70 guests).
Construction log no. 207/07 issued on September 10, 2007.

The property is located in an area covered by the local development plan.

plot plan.png

Gersdorf Palace

English park from the 18th century

with a gate and belvedere and a green house

French style garden

with a pavilion and a swimming pool

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